Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best of 2011: songs

Here it is, my final list for 2011.  Here are my favorite songs of 2011:

50 "N.Y.E."- Dinosaur Bones
49 "Little Cigarettes"- Medicine Hat
48 "Old Man Song"- Anna Atkinson
47 "Apocalypse Pop Song"- Memphis
46 "Caffeinated Consciousness"- TV On the Radio
45 "An Argument With Myself"- Jens Lekman
44 "That Ain't Classy"- Classified
43 "Sara"- Chad VanGaalen
42 "Self Portrait"- Chilly Gonzales
41 "Love The Way You Walk Away"- Blitzen Trapper
40 "Zero to Stupid"- Tommy Stinson
39 "Beasts of England"- Teenage Kicks
38 "Holdin On to Black Metal"- My Morning Jacket
37 "Losing You"-  REVOLVER
36 "Baby Missiles"- The War on Drugs
35 "Fire"- Yukon Blonde
34 "Sign of Love (feat. Dave Grohl)"- Neil Young
33 "Touche"- The Barettas
32 "Oh, to Know!"- Valentiger
31 "Too Old To Die Young"- Timber Timbre
30 "California (Hustle and Flow)"- Social Distortion
29 "Cry Cry Cry"- Nicole Atkins
28 "It's a Boy"- Only Son
27 "Bad As Me"- Tom Waits
26 "Tricky Fellows"- Molly Rankin
25 "I Follow Rivers"- Lykke Li
24 "Red Hunting Jacket"- Little Scream
23 "Eff That"- Little Foot Long Foot
22 "The Prime Minister’s Daughter"- Library Voices
21 "Recipe For Disaster"- Lady Hayes
20 "My Baby's a Wrecking Ball"- Kasey Anderson and The Honkies
19 "Thick As Thieves"- Kalle Mattson
18 "Hummingbird"- Imaginary Cities
17 "Made for Rain"- The Good Lovelies
16 "The Way It Goes"- Gillian Welch
15 "All Of The Pretty Mistakes"- Charlotte Cornfield
14 "Shell Games"- Bright Eyes
13 "Rolling In the Deep"- Adele
12 "Reaction"- Acres Of Lions
11 "Down By The Water"- The Decemberists
10 "Niagara"- Ohbijou
9 "Written On The Forehead"- PJ Harvey
8 "Unkind"- Sloan
7 "Effigy"- Urge Overkill
6 "Northern Air"- Elliott BROOD
5 "Peg O' My Heart (f. Bruce Springsteen)"- Dropkick Murphys
4 "Desdemona"- Charge Of The Light Brigade
3 "The Other Shoe"- Fucked Up
2 "Broken"- Whitehorse
1 "Love Love Love"- Avalanche City

As always, Canadian entries are in red.

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