Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paley & Francis: "Paley & Francis" (mini-review)

Paley & Francis is the debut collaboration between singer/songerwiter Reid Paley and Pixies frontman Black Francis.

This is a more roots-based album that what we're accustomed to hearing from Francis (the fact that Spooner Oldham and David Hood contribute doesn't hurt).  It's an exceptional foray into the genre at that.

There's a seedy down-and-outer quality that runs throughout the record.  You feel like you are alternately in a dank inner city dive bar or a saloon with sawdust on the floor.

The lyrics are sharp with plenty of humour.

It comes together best on "On The Corner".  Between Paley's gravelly vocals, the melancholy piano, and the nearly palpable stench of bourbon, it could almost be mistaken for a Tom Waits number.

Verdict: Buy It

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