Friday, November 04, 2011

Devon Sproule: "I Love You, Go Easy" (mini-review)

I Love You, Go Easy is the forthcoming album (out November 8th) from transplanted Canadian Devon Sproule.  Born on a hippie commune in Ontario and currently living in Virginia, she returned to her roots to record this new album.

Sproule's songs about relationships, while honest and forthright, aren't particularly insightful or clever.  The arrangements aren't strong enough to rescue the album either, all too often coming across as sterile and uninspired.

There are exceptions of course.  "Monk/Monkey" is a slightly jazzy, whimsical number.  There's a 70's AM rock vibe to "The Unmarked Animals" (think "Night Moves") that works strangely well.  The highlight is "Now's the Time", a twangy folk tune.

Devon Sproule plays Tranzac in Toronto on November 27th.

Verdict: Skip it

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