Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Cautioneers: "Where We Are" (EP review)

We've all heard that you should never judge a book by it's cover.  I assume the same logic extends to album covers.

Well toss that all out the window with Where We Are, the debut EP from Toronto band The Cautioneers.  Much like the album cover, the music within is abstract, chilling, but above all else beautiful.

The record opens with the sprawling title track, and instrumental that weaves seamlessly into "If Only".  Delicate pianos and understated vocals only briefly mask the compelling rhythms beneath.

That serves to set the tone for one of the most melodic debuts in recent memory.  The arrangements are calming.  One never feels claustrophobic or pressured, everything seems to unfold at the listener's own pace.

The clockworks of "The Art of Cartography" delight and mesmerize setting up the final cathartic ending, "Heaven Help Us".  The entire EP has built to this point, when finally the band lets loose a flurry of music and emotion.

The Cautioneers play the El Mocambo in Toronto on November 18th.

Best tracks: "Heaven Help Us", "If Only"

Track listing for Where We Are:
  • Where We Are
  • If Only
  • Stand Back and Watch the Collapse
  • A Feeling of Love and Meaning
  • The Art of Cartography
  • Heaven Help Us
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Anonymous said...

Jesus H. These guys are brutal and were brutal, and now disbanded... For a reason! There's a reason there are 0 comments on this thread and why no one has heard of this band! Just not talented