Thursday, September 08, 2011

Blitzen Trapper: "American Goldwing" (album review)

Since clawing their way out of the Pacific Northwest in 2003, Blitzen Trapper have been making compelling, organic indie rock.  The band return on September 13th with their new studio album American Goldwing.

The new album see Blitzen Trapper rip through all of the roots-inspired rock styles that we've become accustomed to hearing from them.

The record kicks off with "Might Find It Cheap", a warped Southern Rock rump shaker.  The title track is an easy going rocker that does not forget the roll.  The most interesting may be "Astronaut", Blitzen Trapper's roots rock answer to "Rocket Man" and "Space Oddity".

Country hits in the form of the catchy whiskey number "Fletcher".  The bold tale of forgiveness and regret "Love the Way You Walk Away" adds another notch to the holster.

The folk creeps in as well.  "Girl In a Coat" and "Stranger In a Strange Land" betray a definite Bob Dylan influence.

The band have always had a hard rock edge to them as well.  "Your Crying Eyes" gives you a Big Star power pop angle on that.  For a more serious dose, you need to wait for the penultimate track, the Black Sabbath-inspired "Street Fighting Sun".

American Goldwing is another solid entry in the Blitzen Trapper catalogue.  You get a little taste of everything, making it an excellent sampling platter for those looking to get a first taste of the band.

Blitzen Trapper play the Opera House in Toronto on October 30th.

Best tracks: "Love the Way You Walk Away", "Street Fighting Sun"

Track listing for American Goldwing:
  • Might Find It Cheap
  • Fletcher
  • Love the Way You Walk Away
  • Your Crying Eyes
  • My Home Town
  • Girl In a Coat
  • American Goldwing
  • Astronaut
  • Taking It Easy Too Long
  • Street Fighting Sun
  • Stranger In a Strange Land
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