Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sexy Mathematics: "Future Nights" (album review)

Last year I got enthused by the debut EP from Saskatoon-based Sexy Mathematics.  Well the band have relocated to Toronto and are poised to drop a full length on us.  The record, Future Nights, comes out on August 1st.

Don't be fooled by the spacey twinkling blips of "Who Knows (Intro)", this is not an ethereal record, as the rolling rhythms and shimmering guitar of "Who Knows" will show you.

This is an album that combines strong guitar lines with the judicious use of synthesizers and insidious hooks.  Those work together best on "Simple Games", where the synth acts as kindling for the incendiary guitars.

A dark cloud hovers over the record.  Things get gloomiest with the Joy Division-inspired "No Communication".

When everything culminates on the intense and compelling closer "Hottest Fashion", one can't help but wonder if this is what the last couple of Bloc Party records could have sounded like if they had exercised some restraint.

Best tracks: "Simple Games", "Future Nights"

Track listing for Future Nights:
  • Who Knows (Intro)
  • Who Knows
  • Future Nights
  • Solution
  • Retrograde
  • Simple Games
  • No Communication
  • Submission In Your Arms
  • Antithesis
  • If You Feel Loved
  • Hottest Fashion
Sexy Mathematics' website

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