Monday, July 11, 2011

The Infinity Intention: "Under the Water" (EP review)

The Infinity Intention is the brainchild of Toronto singer Laura Aidenblaise.  The group recently released an EP of moody songs titled Under the Water.

What separates The Infinity Intention from other acts that play 'dream pop' is that there is a warmth to the songs.  It's Aidenblaise's vocals that are often responsible for that warmth, something that helps keep the music from becoming a wrist-slitting soundtrack.

Add some melody and a song like "Sweet Marie" boasts an earthiness to go with the ethereal haze.  "That Old Road" is mesmerizing and can be best described as a soulful Mazzy Star.  "Angel Tongue" feels like someone has turned the tempo down on an old Rose Chronicles record.

The title track is the least effective of the set.  It drags and lacks the focus of the rest of the EP, in the end failing to wash over you with the atmospheres.

All in all though, there are few bands who are making dream pop as memorable as The Infinity Intention.  It will be interesting to see how the band follows up on this one.

Best track: "Sweet Marie"

Track listing for Under the Water:
  • Sweet Marie
  • That Old Road
  • Angel Tongue
  • Under the Water

The Infinity Intention's website

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