Monday, July 04, 2011

Hooded Fang: "Tosta Mista" (album review)

Toronto's Hooded Fang really came from nowhere last year to make a mark on the Canadian music scene.  Their 2010 debut Album snuck up on folks, earning a spot on this year's Polaris Prize long list.  Well, the band haven't wasted any time capitalizing on that success, as they are poised to release their sophomore full length, Tosta Mista, on July 26th.

With three tracks being eaten up by short instrumental interludes, "Big Blue" I-III, this is more like a 7-song mini album.  It may leave you wanting more, but it also ensures that there is no filler and no weak tracks on the set.

Those 7 proper songs are a collection of energetic indie pop, fueled by a healthy appreciation for '60s garage rock and surf guitar.  The results are almost an homage to Elvis movie soundtracks.  Usually, that's not a good thing, but Hooded Fang bring out the best elements while steering well clear of the schmaltz.

The loose "Clap" shakes you into the mood.  An analog keyboard sound on "ESP" makes you wonder if Hooded Fang have a thing for vacuum tubes.  The title track will have you doing the hand jive while you imagine yourself dancing around the fire at a luau.  The hooks aren't the first thing you notice about the album, but they slowly reveal themselves to you on tracks like "Jubb" and "Vacationation".

Finally, for all intents and purposes the record wraps up with "Den Of Love".  The song acts as a sock-hop finale, setting the mood for you to lay your head on his shoulder (or vice versa if he's short).

Should your big barbecue be rained out this summer don't fret.  Hooded Fang have the solution to your problems.  Spread some sand in your living room, bust out the hibachi, and toss Tosta Mista on.  The party won't miss a beat.

Hooded Fang play Toronto's SummerWorks Music Series on August 6th.

Best tracks: "Tosta Mista", "Jubb"

Track listing for Tosta Mista:
  • Big Blue I
  • Clap
  • ESP
  • Brahma
  • Tosta Mista
  • Big Blue II
  • Jubb
  • Vacationation
  • Den Of Love
  • Big Blue III

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