Saturday, June 04, 2011

Quick Hits: Iggy Pop, Face To Face

Here's a look at more things I couldn't deal with lately:

Iggy Pop, Roadkill Rising
We just keep getting more and more material from the Godfather of Punk.  The latest comes in the form of this collection of live bootlegs culled from performances spanning 1977-2009.  While the dubious sound quality is not a surprise, the fact that Stooges' material comprises about half of the set is.  This is for the most die hard of fans only.

If this is what we get when he's alive I can't help but worry about the Tupac/Johnny Cash treatment Iggy will get when he passes.

Iggy Pop's website

Face To Face, Laugh Now, Laugh Later
After talking about the Godfather of Punk it's only fitting to mention one of the Godfathers of Emo (yes they are partially to blame).  Face To Face have released their first album in nearly a decade and it sound like, well, Face To Face.  Nothing's going to blow your mind, but there are some decent catchy moments on the record.

Face To Face's website

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