Friday, May 06, 2011

Taking Medication: "Prescribed Nonsense" (album review)

If I had to sum up Edmonton's Taking Medication in one word I would have no choice but to say eclectic.  The band, who are garnering comparisons to the likes of Ween and Primus, release their new album Prescribed Nonsense on May 31st.

They seem dead set on justifying those comparisons from the get-go with the dramatic and quirky opener "We Are Robots", which is typical of the sci fi themes that run throughout the album.  The robotic new wave of "Archaeology Agnes" evokes thoughts of Devo.

"Speak & Spell" is a synth and keyboard heavy instrumental number that will get you moving.  The standout in that respect is "Plane In The Pentagon" though.  The bop is infectious.  A Led Zeppelin riff powers "Community (You've Got To Take Care)", while "Born A Brick" is a driving clatter-rocker.

Some more straightforward rock creeps into the mix on a song like "Last Day Of Work".  Unfortunately, that leaves songs like "The Mating Call" and "My Great Escape" sounding unexceptional.

Everything's good though when "Nisku Blues" rolls around.  The song about the mundane work day is the best example of the band's keen sense of humour on the record.

Prescribed Nonsense definitely has it's entertaining moments.  However, it's simply too inconsistent and disjointed to end up in regular rotation.

Best tracks: "Plane In The Pentagon", "Nisku Blues"

Track listing for Prescribed Nonsense:
  • We Are Robots
  • Last Day of Work
  • Archaeology Agnes
  • Professor Pringle
  • Speak & Spell
  • The Mating Call
  • My Great Escape
  • Plane In The Pentagon
  • Misku Blues
  • Community (You've Got To Take Care)
  • Born A Brick
  • Rock Smells Good

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