Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lindi Ortega: "Little Red Boots" (album review)

This (unpaid) gig is most rewarding when something unexpected comes my way.  Occasionally, you pop in an album from an artist you aren't too familiar with and it just rivets you from the very start.  That is exactly what happened to me when I played Little Red Boots, the forthcoming album from Toronto singer Lindi Ortega.

The record, out June 7th, is nothing short of an astonishing achievement in alternative country music.

Ortega wastes no time in grabbing the listener with the straw-kicking romp of an opener "Little Lie".  She almost dares you to turn away as she burns through some of the freshest, most vibrant sounding songs in any genre thus far in 2011.

Vocally, Ortega can hold her own with almost anyone.  A song like "When All the Stars Align" is the exactly what it would sound like if the best pop divas in the world sang songs that didn't suck.  She caps it all off with a soaring big vocal on "So Sad".

Not only is her voice stunning, but she's a pretty damn good songwriter as well.  Whether her song is defiant ("I'm No Elvis Presley"), confident ("Little Red Boots"), hopeful ("Fall Down Or Fly"), or vulnerable ("Dying of Another Broken Heart"), Ortega has the uncanny ability to put a smile on your face and feel good.

If you're like me and you're a sucker for a good hook, you won't be disappointed either as Ortega has some razor sharp one's in her bag of tricks.  Cuts like "Blue Bird" and "Jimmy Dean" are bursting at the seams with catchy hooks.

On "I'm No Elvis Presley Ortega states: "I'm nothing extraordinary".  Sorry Lindi, but I'm going to have to beg to differ.

Best tracks: "Little Lie", "Blue Bird"

Track listing for Little Red Boots:
  • Little Lie
  • When All the Stars Align
  • Blue Bird
  • Angels
  • I'm No Elvis Presley
  • Little Red Boots
  • Dying of Another Broken Heart
  • All My Friends
  • Fall Down or Fly
  • Jimmy Dean
  • Black Fly
  • So Sad
Lindi Ortega's website

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