Friday, April 15, 2011

3 More To Explore: Adam Taylor, Catholic Radio, Mala In Se

If I've planned it out right, you should have three more artists recommended below.  If I didn't, I apologize:

Adam Taylor
For those who like: M. Ward

This Pennsylvania native pens rock songs with hooks and wisdom beyond his twenty years.  His album No Poet is remarkable.

Adam Taylor's website

Catholic Radio
For those who like: Modest Mouse

Okay, this San Fransisco band may not be have the fits and starts of Modest Mouse, but they do share a sense of experimentation and fearlessness.

Catholic Radio's website

Mala In Se
For those who like: Propaghandi

These Cincinnati boys blend punk and metal for a combination that will scorch your eardrums.  Their full length self-titled debut is out now.

Mala In Se's website

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