Friday, March 04, 2011

3 More To Explore: Carly Jamison, Clara Engel, Mad Planet

Here are three more artists to soak up prior to CMW:

Carly Jamison
For those who like: Tom Petty

The NYC-based musician makes dirty, bluesy rock.  I should be a hit for those who like their vocals gravelly.

Carly Jamison's website

Clara Engel
For those who like: Laurie Anderson

Engel is a Montreal-based musician and artist who isn't shy about pushing boundaries with her experimental music.  She's currently scheduled to hit Toronto in June.

Clara Engel's Myspace

Mad Planet
For those who like: juxtaposition

The duo of Mad Planet try to fuse the world's of electronic music and acoustic instrumentals on their new EP Gliese 581g.  It's an interesting listen.

Mad Planet's website

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