Saturday, February 19, 2011

Revolver: "Parallel Lives" (EP review)

French pop trio Revolver are set to release their new EP, Parallel Lives, on February 22nd.  The EP follows on the heels of their debut full length album, which netted the group a French Grammy nomination.  From the EP it's easy to see why.

The arrangements are sparse, consisting mostly of a guitar and cello.  That serves to shine the spotlight brightly on the trio's strength: their incredibly beautiful vocal harmonies.

The highlight of the EP is unquestionably "Losing You".  The vocals are immediately infectious and so gorgeous that they almost need to be heard to be believed.  The title track, "Parallel Lives", is probably the best written song from a lyrical perspective.  It's clever turns of phrase verge on Lekman-esque.

North American fans are about to get up close and personal with Revolver as they embark on their first ever tour of this continent.  I for one can't wait to see them pull this off in a live setting.

Revolver play The Drake in Toronto on March 3rd.

Best tracks: "Losing You", "Parallel Lives"

Track listing for Parallel Lives:
  • Balulalow (excerpt from the Ceremony of Carols)
  • Losing You
  • Monk
  • Parallel Lives
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