Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quick Hits: Entire Cities, Buddy Black

Another week means there's more music than I can properly get to.  So this week here are my quick impressions of:

Entire Cities, I Hope You Never Come Home
This album was released by the Toronto-based band late in 2010, but it didn't cross my desktop until now.  It's an interesting country record, and almost a throwback to the '70s.  It's definitely not like what you expect from alternative country bands.

You can download the tracks "Gimme a Ride" and "Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear" for free here.

Entire Cities' Myspace

Buddy Black, (Self Titled).
Toronto's Buddy Black will be releasing this, his debut EP, in the very near future.  The record is a collection of 7-songs inspired by the traditions of rockabilly and punk.  Clever lyrics and a high energy level are expected when you talk about those genres, and Black doesn't disappoint.  The highlight is undoubtedly "You Ungrateful Souls", which begins with the shout of 'Hallelujah Motherfuckers!' before bursting into a hook-filled frenzy.

Buddy Black plays The Piston in Toronto on February 23rd.

Buddy Black's Myspace

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