Thursday, February 24, 2011

Become The Sun: Ottawa band a true tale of perseverance

Ottawa is a great town.  Sure they're hockey team sucks even worse than ours, but it's my wife's home town and we were actually married there.  So I've spent my fair share of time in the city and it really doesn't warrant its reputation as the 'town that fun forgot'.

One of the reasons is its incredible, and growing, indie rock scene.

Become The Sun is an Ottawa quartet that has one of the most interesting stories I've heard in a while.  Coming from a diverse background (they are made up of musicians of Sri Lankan, Irish, and Canadian descents), they play some heavy jam-inspired rock.

Their debut album Fire, due out very shortly, almost didn't come about though.  The band's drummer Evan Camm severed twelve tendons and two arteries in his hand in a construction accident (why does this shit always happen to drummers?).  After rehabbing, he's back playing and recording, despite having no feeling in 90% of his left hand.

The band will be celebrating their long, courageous path with a CD release show and party at Live Lounge in Ottawa on February 25th.  You should join them in this feel-good story.

Become The Sun's Myspace

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