Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eddie Spaghetti: "Sundowner" (album review)

Right off the bat I have to disclose that this review will not be objective.  I've been a huge fan of the Supersuckers for two decades and in my eyes they can do no wrong.  Keep that in mind as I review Sundowner, the forthcoming album from the band's frontman Eddie Spaghetti.  The album, his third solo record, hits stores February 15th.

Like his previous solo records, Sundowner is simpler and more countrified than Supersuckers albums.  Even rockers like "Never Thought I Would", a song that slowly grows on you, don't have the rockin' guitar solos that you get with the full band.  But there's nothing wrong with that.

The originals on the album are a bit hit or miss.  The aforementioned "Never Thought I Would" and "Girl On the Billboard", with it's rapid fire "There's a Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea"-style lyrics, are catchy numbers.  The title track, however, is forgotten almost as soon as it ends.

As has become standard, you get a wide range of covers with an Eddie Spaghetti record.  This time around he tackles songs from artists as diverse as Johnny Cash, Dean Martin, Lee Harvey Oswald Band, and of course past collaborator Steve Earle.

There are a couple of these covers that stand head and shoulders above the rest.  The first is a twangy, rollicking cover of The Dwarves' punk classic "Everybody's Girl".  The other is a rendition of Willie Nelson's signature "Always On My Mind".  While no version will ever be as good as the original, Spaghetti's isn't that far off.

Spaghetti also revisits an old Supersuckers favorite.  As he's been doing live for years, he reworks "Marie", a tribute to the band's late original singer Eric Martin, into a touching country number.

The record is rounded out by the now routine appearance by Spaghetti's son Quattro on the surprisingly strong "When Do I Go".

That just leaves one thing to say: Eddie, when are you coming back to T.O.?

Best tracks: "Everybody's Girl", "Always On My Mind"

Track listing for Sundowner:
  • Never Thought I Would
  • Party Dolls & Wine
  • Girl On the Billboard
  • If You Fall In Love
  • Everybody's Girl
  • What Do I Care?
  • Sundowner
  • Always On My Mind
  • Jesus Never Lived On Mars
  • Cowboy Boots
  • Marie
  • When Do I Go (by Quattro)

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