Thursday, December 02, 2010

Best of 2010: Canadian albums

2010 proved to be another big year for Canadian music.  Not only did the biggest acts like The Arcade Fire release new material, but there were a ton of great records that flew a little further under the radar.

Here are my favorite Canadian albums of 2010:

Adrienne Pierce
20. No Joy- Ghost Blonde
19. Luke Doucet- Steel City Trawler
18. Chromeo- Business Casual
17. Wintersleep- New Inheritors
16. The Strange- A Strange Noise
15. Zeus- Say Us
14. Jason Collett- Rat a Tat Tat
13. Adrienne Pierce- Oh Deer
12. The Wind Up Radio Sessions- Red Brick House
11. Library Voices- Denim On Denim

10. Sweet Thing- Sweet Thing
Ruth Cassie
The debut album from the Toronto group is just damn good pop rock.

9. Fjord Rowboat- Under the Cover of Brightness
Based on shoegazer and post punk, this is a dark textured treasure.

8. Ruth Cassie- Ivan Blackbird's Story
The former Hawksley Workman player stepped out and up to the challenge for her own album this year.

7. PS I Love You- Meet Me At the Muster Station
The Kingston group gave us a record awash in glorious fuzz and reverb.

6. Basia Bulat- Heart of My Own
Some of the year's best folk rock songs sung by one of the warmest, most inviting voices around.

5. The Russian Futurists- The Weight's On the Wheels
Electro-pop arrangements are an afterthought.  It's the impeccably-written songs that make this album great.

4. The Besnard Lakes- The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night
Often they can be more sound than the human ear can take.  On this album they push that boundary, but masterfully never cross it.

3. Shawn Clarke- Like Birds Too Tired To Fly
One of my sleepers of the year.  This indie singer/songwriter effort is filled with humour and emotions that are easy to relate to.

Broken Social Scene
2. Stars- The Five Ghosts
After a bit of a miscue on the last record, the band are back with songs that are both bolder and catchier than ever before.

1. Broken Social Scene- Forgiveness Rock Record
BSS has been a powerhouse in the Canadian indie scene for years.  This album takes them to an all-new stratosphere.  It's the sound of a band hitting their peak.

Honourable mentions: Diamond Rings, Kathryn Calder, Wil, Shoot the Cameraman, Right By Midnight, Common Grackle

What were yours?

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