Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Box Tiger: "The Box Tiger EP" (review)

Comparisons are always a dangerous thing to use when reviewing a record, especially when it's a debut EP.  Unfortunately, they are an important device when trying to convey a band's sound to readers.

It's with that in mind that I draw a very careful comparison for the debut self-titled EP for Toronto's The Box Tiger.

Fierce music arrangements on tracks like "Faceless" and "The Ballad of My Bones" are high octane indie rock at it's finest.  "Comes and Goes" shows a keen pop sensibility.

It's the often booming, forceful vocals of Sonia Sturino that lead me to my ultimate conclusion though: fans of Florence + the Machine hold on to your hats.

The Box Tiger play the Rivoli in Toronto on September 24th.

Best tracks: "The Ballad of My Bones", "Comes and Goes"

Track listing for The Box Tiger EP:
  • Faceless
  • Feel It
  • Comes and Goes
  • The Ballad of My Bones

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