Friday, July 30, 2010

Stars: "The Seance" (EP review)

It's been just about a month since Montreal's Stars released their phenomenal new album The Five Ghosts (review).  Now I've finally had the chance to go through The Seance EP, the four track record that comes with the deluxe edition of the album.

It's easy to see why these songs weren't included on the proper release.  While they are very similar in eerie theme, they simply don't fit from a musical perspective.

The record opens with "Opinions Versus The Sun", a trippy hypnotic groove.  "The Five Ghosts" comes at you with in-your-face beats and a slightly 80s synth-Goth overtone.  A little more subversive, "The Black House, The Blue Sky" at first seems like filler, but without you even noticing it burrows it's way into your head.

The only real toss-away is "The Dead Beg For More".  The track is filled with a fuzzy swirling drone that neither builds to a satisfactory climax nor leads in any really interesting direction.

If you have the choice between the original and deluxe version of The Five Ghosts, the expanded package is probably worth the investment.

Stars play Massey Hall in Toronto on October 23rd.

Best track: "The Five Ghosts"

Track listing for The Seance EP:
  • Opinions Versus The Sun (Stars Vs The Album Leaf)
  • The Five Ghosts
  • The Black House, The Blue Sky (Stars Vs Montag)
  • The Dead Beg For More (Stars Vs Of Montreal)
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