Friday, July 16, 2010

The Posies returning with "Blood/Candy"

In the '90s The Posies got swept along with the hype that surrounded any band that had ever been near Seattle.  What separated the band from their hometown contemporaries was that The Posies were incredibly boring.

Now the band has announced their return with the September 28th release of Blood/Candy, their first album in five years.  Hopefully Ken Stringfellow's work with other projects like The Minus 5 has rubbed off on the new album.

Here's a look at the track list for the record:
  • Plastic Paperbacks
  • The Glitter Prize
  • Licenses To Hide
  • So Caroline
  • Take Care Of Yourself
  • Cleopatra Street
  • For The Ashes
  • Accidental Architecture
  • She’s Coming Down Again!
  • Notion 99
  • Holiday Hours
  • Enewetak
The Posies' website
The Posies' Myspace

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