Friday, July 30, 2010

3 More To Explore: Clockwise, Aaron Peta, Young Heretics

Here are three more artists that are worth your time this weekend:

For those who like: The Rolling Stones

Every now and then you need a simple rock n' roll kick in the ass.  That's what this Toronto band will give you.

Clockwise's Myspace

Aaron Peta
For those who like: Stereolab, Pavement

A transplanted Canadian, Peta is a slacker weirdo who's new album I'm Not A Hipster will have you in stitches.

Aaron Peta's Myspace

Young Heretics
For those who like: Islands, Liars

This Aussie duo have recently released their new album in their native land.  Hopefully we'll get it here soon.

Young Heretics' Myspace

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Check out this video PETA made: