Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quick Hits: Anna Rose, Blue Sky Archives

It's a crazy week with NXNE and Pavement, so it's no wonder I let some stuff slip through the cracks.  Here's a look at some of that:

Anna Rose, Nomad
The debut full length album from the New York-based singer/songwriter will appeal to fans of folk rock.  The arrangements are rootsy, but it's Rose's soulful, sometimes gritty vocals that truly strike a chord here.

If you're looking for something groundbreaking, you're out of luck with Nomad.  What you will get though are richly textured songs from the heart.

Check out the track "Whispers".

Anna Rose's website
Anna Rose's Myspace

Blue Sky Archives
This Scottish five-piece have posted a set of catchy pop tunes on their Myspace page.  The vocals from singer Lauren Mayberry are definitely the centrepiece of their music.  Hopefully we get to see them on this side of the pond soon.

In the meantime, stream the EP here:
  <a href="">Crash Your Face by Blue Sky Archives</a>

Blue Sky Archives' Myspace

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