Saturday, June 12, 2010

Neil Nathan announces release of "The Distance Calls"

One of my favorite pop rock artists, Neil Nathan, has announced the release of his debut full length.  The Distance Calls will be a sharp smack to an unsuspecting public on August 24th.

Nathan is one of the most promising songwriters I've heard in years.  His lyrics are clever and he manages to pens hooks that are so sharp you could go fishing with them.

Here's the track listing for the record:
  • Do Ya
  • California Run
  • When the Rain Falls
  • Highways
  • So Much More
  • Get On
  • Don't Walk Away
  • Disappear
  • Never Enough
  • Too Late
  • Eyes Wide Open
  • Sweet Darlin'
  • Better Be Goin'
  • Far Off
Neil Nathan's website
Neil Nathan's Myspace

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