Saturday, March 06, 2010

Quick Hits: Dirt Mall, Satyen Thaker

Here's things we didn't get to in our weekly purge:

Dirt Mall, Pacifuego
Boston's Dirt Mall rip through 11 tracks of gritty garage rock.  Fans of bands like The Supersuckers and The Hellacopters will appreciate the punk-infused rock and wry sense of humour.

Dirt Mall's website
Dirt Mall's Myspace

Satyen Thaker, Amazing Transformations
This is the latest EP release from the diverse California musician.  Thaker's songs range from melodic psycheledia to rockabilly to jazzy.  The standout on this album is "Do They Say", which sounds like a cross between the Meat Puppets and Frank Zappa.  Great experimental stuff.

Satyen Thaker's Myspace

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