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CMW Preview: Styrofoam Ones (Interview)

Toronto's own Styrofoam Ones are set to unleash their post-punk synth attack on Canadian Music Week audiences.  I had the chance to ask the duo some questions about their music and CMW.  Here's what they had to say:

T.O. Snob: First off, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us.
T.O. Snob: You’re playing The Roosevelt Room on March 10th as part of Canadian Music Week. For those who haven’t seen you play before what can they expect?
Josh - People can expect One Part Fuzzy Bass, One Part Dirty Synths, One Part Pounding Drums. Two scoops of Lions, Tigers and Bears, a splash of Soul and a few surprises, like we always do.
T.O. Snob: What inspires a Styrofoam Ones song?
Josh - LIFE! Lovers & Friends, Haters and Enemies, Moments frozen in time, Close Encounters, Memories, Tall Grass, Sun and Moon, Visionaries (of which there is a huge shortage of these days), Young Energy, and the unsung melodies and unspoken words that endlessly glide through the air.
Alexander The - Our challenges. Our struggles with what we do in a shitty system. On the other hand, the love and hope that comes from the people that surround us that understand the grind and hussle it takes to get people moving forward.
T.O. Snob: You’ve got an EP under your belts now. What did you learn during its recording that will help you as you record your debut full length?
Josh - When we recorded our EP it was Alexander The and I in the studio doing everything: Engineering, Producing, Writing and Performing – of course with the star drum work of Clay Jones. It was a very overwhelming process in that we were doing so many things at once. I can’t wait to let it flow in the studio again, with more hands to allow us to focus more on our songs and the performances.
AT - It's all about letting it out. There is so much to think about after and before the recordings and I think the most that we can do is record them. Stick to that. As artists it's easy to get lost in all the other shit around you but we always have to remember the reasons why we're artists.
T.O. Snob: Some artists obviously place an emphasis on lyrics, some on melody or a good riff. What’s the most important element of a song to you?
Josh - I hold melody and lyrics in the same high esteem, but when writing, the melody is generally the first spark for me. It can be a lyric that will start it off, but more often for me, the melody will come and the lyrics will be dictated by the mood or tone of the melody.
AT - I believe melody is what carries the tune and speaks to a broad audience combined with the lyrics makes the hook. Reggae and Funk emphasize these really well.
T.O. Snob: What does a festival like CMW mean to up-and-coming bands? What do you hope to get out of the experience?
Josh - Its Canadian Music Week, We’re playing with bands that we really like and probably for a crowd that we haven’t played for before. It’s a great time to celebrate the artists who are pushing boundaries in Canada.
AT - It means a chance to really listen to who's next up to bat and follow some good music in Canada
T.O. Snob: Are there any band’s you’re looking forward to seeing at the festival?
Josh - Think About Life is awesome. The YYZ records showcase will be nice, Parallels (who we’re playing with) always put on a good show, and Platinum Blonde?! Shit, it’s been a while.
AT - Think About Life - Great Montreal Band
T.O. Snob: If someone were to look at your CD collection (or iPod playlist) what would they find that would surprise them?
Josh - Anyone who knows me, knows that my collection goes pretty deep.
New - The new Flying Lotus is Bananas. Caribou’s new track is hot.
Old - Eddie Bo, The Basement Tapes 5 Disc Set (Bob Dylan and The Band) is the epitome of Raw and Real Music.
Odds and Ends - I recently picked up a compilation of Thai Pop from the 60’s which is absolutely wild, and head scratching at the same time. An guitar compilation Congo and Zambia from the 50’s that is blowing my mind.
AT - My Kundiman music collection. Straight 1950's Filipino Classic Songs.
T.O. Snob: Thanks again for taking the time to speak with us.

CMW performance:
Date: Mar 10th
Time: 9:00pm
Venue: The Roosevelt Room

Styrofoam Ones' Myspace

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