Sunday, December 06, 2009

Best of 2009: hip hop

If you pay much attention, you know that we don't spend a lot of time with hip hop here.  We try to leave that to the experts like our friend B-Dub.

From time-to-time though, we do get hip hop albums that intrigue us.  So we managed to scrap together a list of our ten favorite from 2009:

10. Ultraviolet- Kid Sister (review)
9. Hypergraphic- Chokeules
8. American Beauty- Alexipharmic (review)
7. Light- Matisyahu (review)
6. Plastique- Sole & the Skyrider Band (review)
5. Who Killed Jiminy Cricket?- Blackout Sands (review)
4. Never Better- P.O.S. (review)
3. Depart from Me- Cage (review)
2. Les Kils- More Or Les (review)
1. Speech Therapy- Speech Debelle (review)

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