Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Best of 2009: EPs

EPs are a very under-appreciated format.  I'm not talking about those "EPs" that consist of a single from the album and 4 remixed or live versions of the same song.  I'm talking about the true short album of 5-7 tracks in length.

They play many vital roles.  Often they serve to introduce a band to the public.  Sometimes they are a stop gap between albums.  Sometimes they are used to end a chapter in a band's career or to clear the shelves of recorded material.  Sometimes they are just for fun (eg covers EPs, holiday collections).

2009 was a bumper crop for EPs, and here's a look at our top 20 that came out this year:

20. Covers- Greg Laswell (review)
19. Cold Spell- Bella Clava (review)
18. Someday- Haroula Rose (review)
17. We Animals- Monogold (review)
16. Victorian Halls- Victoria Halls (review)
15. Emanuel & the Fear- Emanuel & the Fear (review)
14. To a Green Thought, In a Green Shade- Baby Teeth Thieves (review)
13. Things You Should Know- Carina Round (review)
12. Night Bats- Loch Lomond (review)
11. The Sympathetic Oscillations EP- Thunders (review)
10. 07/08/09- Andrew Vladeck (review)
9. Bravestation- Bravestation (review)
8. Hit & Run- Sloan (review)
7. Les Kils- More Or Les (review)
6. Pink and Purple- Alan Wilkis (review)
5. Rational Geographic Vol II- Awesome New Republic (review)
4. Rock Island- KaiserCartel (review)
3. The Beat Stuff- Hannah Georgas (interview)
2. A Chopping Block- Pree (review)
1. The Rock-n-Roll EP- Dirt Road Logic

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