Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Patrick Brealey: "Mercury In Songbirds" album review

Vancouver-rasied, Toronto-based musician Patrick Brealey recently released his new album Mercury In Songbirds.

On the record Brealey draws upon a wide swath of North American roots music styles. Some songs are mountain stomps, like the banjo-plucker "My End Of The Deal". Some are all cowboy laments like "Learn To Let It Go". Others are flat out bluegrass or country.

The album is punctuated by Brealey's ability to pen catchy songs featuring entertaining turns of phrase. A ditty like the good ol' fashion country love gone wrong song "Please Don't Love Me With That Love" highlights his ability to approach the everyday from an often humorous perspective.

Brealey alternately sways ("Castaway Heart") and croons his way through these saloon ready songs. It's not often a roots artist emerges who can remind the listener of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band one moment and Chris Isaak the next. But Brealey handles both with aplomb.

For a front-to-back enjoyable roots music ride Mercury In Songbirds is a can't miss prospect.

Patrick Brealey holds his Toronto CD Release party on September 18th at St Stephens In The Field Church. Proceed go to charity.

Best tracks: "Please Don't Love Me With That Love", "The Devil Didn't Make Me Do It"

Track listing for Mercury In Songbirds:
  • My End Of The Deal
  • I Don't Want To Hear Another Love Song
  • Something To Do With You
  • Castaway Heart
  • Some Days Aren't Very Good
  • Blessing In Disguise
  • The Devil Didn't Make Me Do It
  • Please Don't Love Me With That Love
  • Wildfire
  • Tell Her, Tell Him
  • Learn To Let It Go
  • A Little On The Side

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