Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Best albums of 2009, so far

It's hard to believe that we're now officially half way through 2009. It's been a great year for music so far. What better time is there to look back at my picks for best albums of the half-year.

Thus far, I've heard 184 studio albums, 29 EPs, and 24 assorted other albums (soundtracks, b-sides, live albums, etc). Here are the 20 full length studio albums that I have rated the highest in 2009 to date:

20. King Khan & The Shrines- What Is?! Review
Montreal's King Khan proves to be a king of garage rock.

19. John Vanderslice- Romanian Names Review
The singer/songwriter gets better with each album.

18. Little Foot Long Foot- Harsh Words Review
This Toronto band should be blowing up on the blogosphere any time now.

17. Akron/Family- Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free Review
Their most broad-based and diverse album to date.

16. Eulogies- Here Anonymous Review
Classy and ornate indie rock.

15. Beast- Beast Review
A thunderous rumbling debut from the Montreal electro duo.

14. Damion Suomi- Self Titled Review
Clever and witty rock songs.

13. Emm Gryner- Goddess Review
Her edge and gorgeous voice set her apart from the other girls-with-pianos.

12. Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band- Outer South Review
Some will disagree I'm sure, but this more up tempo alt country rocker appeals to me more than his usual dull mope folk.

11. Sonic Youth- The Eternal Review
A return to form with an album that is both catchy and experimental.

10. Patrick Wolf- The Bachelor Review
A gorgeous sonic experience that just envelopes the listener.

9. John Doe & The Sadies- Country Club Review
Punk rock vet and the Toronto alt country stalwarts combine for great roots rock.

8. Marissa Nadler- Little Hells Review
Haunting and Gothic with a captivating voice.

7. Cursive- Mama, I'm Swollen Review
The best pure indie rock album so far.

6. M. Ward- Hold Time Review
Nothing but well-written, well-crafted pop songs.

5. Heartless Bastards- The Mountain Review
Throat-blistering blues rock that would make Janis Joplin proud.

4. Dan Auerbach- Keep It Hid Review
A great blues/garage hybrid from the Black Keys frontman.

3. Rock Plaza Central- At the Moment of Our Most Needing... Review
The Toronto roots rockers strike more than one chord on this stacked album.

2. Pink Mountaintops- Outside Love Review
The Vancouver band deliver with heart-wrenching song after heart-wrenching song.

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- It's Blitz! Review
I worried when they said it was keyboard heavy, but the result proves we had nothing to worry about. The most layered and complex album from them to date, and probably their catchiest.

Let me know what you agree with and what offends your sense of taste.

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Mangtooth said...

Wait until you hear RX Bandits new album MANDALA which comes out in July.

Also, Portugal. The Man's upcoming release THE SATANIC SATANIST (also out in July) is absolutely amazing .. they have previews to a bunch of the songs here in case you're interested:

I HIGHLY encourage you to listen to both

T.O. Snob said...

I've been anticipating the Portugal. The Man record. Thanks for the tip!

Sandy said...

Nice list! So much great music has come out in ’09 and were only half-way through the year. I limited my list to 10 (which was hard).
PS – Sky Saxon is the one-and-only “King of Garage.”