Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Life Of Science: "The Apneist" album review

The Apneist is the debut album from Phoenix, AR electro-rock band A Life Of Science.  The album is part of an ambitious concept that will include a film, novel, comic book, and art series, all following the same narrative.

The album component of the project is set for an April 28th release.

The record follows a space-aged storyline, think Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, with a hybrid of indie rock,and electronic pop, complete with computer blips and bleeps.  The songs that stay within this framework come off very well.  The band is more than capable and go some intriguing ways with their music.

Tossed oddly on top, however, are the occasional vocal outbursts that verge on thrash metal breaking up the normal Ben Gibbard-meets-Weird Al singing style.  If you imagine what it would sound like if GWAR pledged Lambda Lambda Lambda you'd begin to get the picture.

My hat is off to A Life Of Science for even attempting to tackle a project of this scope.  Unfortunately, the metal flourishes, which work in the process of the storytelling,  make for a difficult, disjointed listen from a musical perspective.

Best tracks: "Text Support", "Barnacles of Time"

Track listing for The Apneist:
  • The Apneist
  • Barnacles of Time
  • Onward, Submarine!
  • Text Support
  • Carving a Canyon
  • Rebels & Redcoats
  • Evidence of Lunar Orbit
  • Let's Say Grace
  • SAN-D4000, You're Immortal
  • Yacht Life Nights

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Anonymous said...

cant wait to hear it... hopefully the metal isnt that bad!