Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bella Clava: live @ The Mod Club

Hot off a successful run at Canadian Music Week, Thunder Bay quartet Bella Clava were back at The Mod Club in Toronto last night to rock out a set.

At first glance Bella Clava seem like an odd collection.  A bassist that looks like he walked off the set of  a Blind Melon video thumps away beneath the blues-driven riffs of guitarist Steve Suttie.  Set side stage is singer/keyboardist Caitlin Dacey.

Dacey's vocals, while not immediately striking, weave in and out of the tracks in what ultimately becomes a rivetingly charming interplay.  The keys provide the texture for a full-bodied, well rounded musical party.  

Imagine The Black Keys, with a female lead, playing music at a strip club and you begin to get a sense of the sonic collage that Bella Clava assembles.

The connection between the audience and the band was strong on this night.  Both sides seemed to be having fun and letting loose.  And really that's what you want on a Saturday night.

You can catch Bella Clava again on May 5th at the Horseshoe.


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