Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sara Lov: "Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming" album review

Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming is the debut full length album from Sara Lov.  Formerly one-half of the dream pop duo The Devics, the LA-based Lov's album was produced by Zac Rae.

Her debut album is not much of a departure for Lov.  Characterized by lush arrangements and entrancing melodies, the songs don't stray too far from her dream pop roots.

Not surprisingly, the vocals are for the most part tender and innocent.  With a few notable exceptions, like on the towering "A Thousand Bees" and her duet with Sea Wolf's Alex Brown Church, Lov sings in a hushed, reflective light.

While the music box-like stylings are quaint and charming, they can grow a bit too cutesy if one is not in the right frame of mind.  As a result, Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming is the kind of album that one can only listen to front-to-back when one is in the proper mood.

Best tracks: "A Thousand Bees", "Touched"

Track listing for Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming:
  • Just Beneath the Chords
  • Frankie
  • A Thousand Bees
  • New York
  • Old Friends
  • Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming
  • Animals
  • Touched
  • Tell Me How
  • Fountain

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