Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dirt Road Logic: "The Rock-n-Roll EP" album review

You've got to be pretty confident and pretty good to name your release The Rock-n-Roll EP.  Well both those things apply to Michigan rockers Dirt Road Logic.

The EP is the quartet's latest release and it is a straight ahead rock n' roll party.  Combining the musical stylings of Drive-By Truckers with the energy and attitude of The Supersuckers, Dirt Road Logic make gritty music for the American heartland.

Like any good band, Dirt Road Logic's songs revolve around a light-hearted look at sex and booze ("Cheap Hotel Romance").  Of course, our old friend Satan also makes an appearance as he pours shots for people ("Black Sheep").

The anthemic "Out On the Streets" kicks things off with a blast and the record never wavers.   Listening to songs like "Mudslide" and "God Damn", one can't help but picture yourself barrelling down a gravel road in a dust old pick-up truck.

If you don't like Dirt Road Logic you don't like rock n' roll.

Best tracks: "Out On the Streets", "Black Sheep"

Track listing for The Rock-n-Roll EP:
  • Out On the Streets- MP3
  • God Damn
  • Mudslide
  • Black Sheep
  • Clouds of Cain
  • Cheap Hotel Romance
  • Dead Man

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