Sunday, March 01, 2009

Catherine Duc: "Visions and Dreams" Album Review

I have to admit up front that I have a difficult time reviewing New Age music.  After a couple of songs it all begins to sound alike to me.

That disclaimer put out there, Visions and Dreams is the album from Australian New Age artist Catherine Duc.

Duc uses many of the elements you would expect to find on a New Age record.  There are ambient electronic soundscapes, lush string arrangements, and World music influences.  In her case, Duc draws upon Asian and Celtic feels to flesh out her music.

Where Duc does stand out from many New Age musicians in that several of her tracks are actually catchy.  "Evocation" has a perky synth line that is absolutely toe-tapping while the Eastern vibe on "Secret Sanctuary" will have you bobbing along before you even realize what you are doing.

At the end of the day, it's not enough to convert me as a fan of the genre, but Catherine Duc's music is as good an example of New Age as any I've had the occasion to hear.

Best tracks: "Evocation", "Rivulet"

Track listing for Visions and Dreams:
  • Essence of Dreams
  • Dancing in the Mist
  • Evocation
  • One Autumn Day
  • Secret Sanctuary
  • Heart of Andalucia
  • Midsummer Twilight
  • Incense
  • Rivulet
  • In the Light of Day

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