Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Teeth Thieves: "To a Green Thought, In a Green Shade" album review

To a Green Thought, In a Green Shade is the new release from Tennessee band Baby Teeth Thieves.  It's also the debut release for Meltface Records.

The band forms delightfully melodic indie pop using more than traditional rock instruments.  Cello, trumpet and piano fill out the band's sound.  Baby Teeth Thieves show tremendous restraint in their use.  It would be easy to allow those arrangements to overrun the record.  The band really let the strength of the melodies shine through.

The male/female vocal interplay between Casey Kaufman and Trey Bishop is a definite strength. The two manage to compliment each other when they need complimenting and contrast beautifully when the need contrasting. 
If you are looking for a mellow, laid back version of Ra Ra Riot, Baby Teeth Thieves should be high up on your list.

To a Green Thought, In a Green Shade is a very strong debut.

Best tracks: "I Think You're a Bird Brain", "Hard Candy Moon"

Track listing for To a Green Thought, In a Green Shade:
  • Wasp Wing Interlude
  • I Growl In the Morning
  • I Think You're a Bird Brain
  • Build Me a Boat Sailor Jerry
  • Hard Candy Moon
  • The Biggest Backyard

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I love this band, thanks for posting