Friday, January 23, 2009

Coconut Records: Davy- Album Review

Jason Schwartzman has gone through a lot of transformations in his career.  He's been an actor, he's been a drummer (in Phantom Planet), and now is a pop song writing solo machine.

Davy is Schwartzman's new album, released under his Coconut Records moniker.

As a songwriter Schwartzman is one of the best in indie pop today.  When it comes to penning a catchy hook or chorus he is almost without equal.

The tracks on Davy are concentrated doses of sunny, bright, melodic pop music.  Simple in structured it's the simplicity of tracks like "The Summer" that make them so appealing.

Deft use of keys, strings and percussion add depth to the sugary sweet pop.  While the "woo-ooo" backing vocals bring in a carefree feeling, making song like "Wandering Around" sound what one would imagine 2009 Beach Boys music to be.

Lyrically Schwartzman is as clever as ever.  For witty playfulness it's hard to beat "I was the drummer/in a band/that you heard of" ("Drummer").

It's not all conventional pop on Davy either.  Schwartzman plays around with great success.  Imagine Captain Beefheart performing a Beatles tune and you have a sense of what to expect on the strangely alluring "Saint Jerome".

Schwartzman's not the greatest singer on the planet.  But with songs as good as these he doesn't have to be.

If I am ever in a dark alley and a mugger tells me to come up with a catchy song or else, I want Jason Schwartzman by my side.

Best tracks: "Drummer", "I Am Young"

Track listing for Davy:
  • Microphone
  • Drummer
  • Any Fun
  • Saint Jerome
  • Courtyard
  • Wandering Around
  • The Summer
  • I Am Young
  • Wires
  • Is This Sound OK?

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