Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dylan Connor: Breakaway Republic- Album Review

Breakaway Republic (to be released January 20th) is the new album from Berkeley, CA indie popster Dylan Connor.

The Latin-teach-cum-rock musician has put together a shiny little gem of an album.  The songs are tight and well constructed.  

Connor's sense of melody is uncanny.  The songs have a seemingly effortless catchiness to them.  Tracks like "Silver Flood" have a bright and sunny California atmosphere to them that makes is guaranteed to put a smile on even the most sour puss.

Lyrically Connor brings an edginess and harsher side that is not reflected in the music.  Clever and witty, it's hard not to draw comparisons between Connor and the master of the pop rock hook, Matthew Sweet.

You can tell Connor is having fun on Breakaway Republic.  He seems to rejoice in even the darker themes on songs like "I Want Everybody To Know".

Breakaway Republic doesn't have many hard rock moments to it.  When they do shine through, as on the stellar "Pave Me", Connor transforms from the sugary Matthew Sweet musician to the more gritty and deviant Bob Mould.

This album is my introduction to Dylan Connor, and I for one am hoping we get to hear from him for a long time to come.

Best tracks: "Pave Me", "I Want Everybody To Know"

Track listing for Breakaway Republic:
  • Breakaway and Burn
  • Stunning Insights
  • Blood Like Fire
  • Silver Flood
  • What's New
  • I Want Everybody To Know
  • Don't Let Me Wash Away
  • Had A Little Dream
  • Pave Me
  • Come Swim
  • Sound Wave Surfer

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