Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Nicole Atkins: Digs Other People's Music- Album Review

New Jersey by way of North Carolina singer Nicole Atkins possesses what's currently one of my favorite voices.  She has a powerful vibratto with just the right amount of raspiness.

On the Digs Other People's Music EP, Atkins lends that powerful voice to 4 new cover songs.  She turns songs by The Church, and Nada Surf into orchestral pop gems.

The Doors' "Crystal Ship" gets a big makeover, taking it from fairly plodding drug-induced wankfest to a wrenching pop anthem.

The good old standard "Dream A Little Dream of Me" gets a different treatment.  Atkins turns minimalist on this one, choosing, to good effect, to make it a simple vocal, accoustic guitar, and whistling arrangement.

The one negative about the EP is its length.  Atkins barely gets rolling by the time it's all over.

Digs Other People's Songs is available exclusively on iTunes here.

Best track: "Under the Milky Way"

Track listing for Digs Other People's Music:
  • Under the Milky Way MP3
  • Inside of Love
  • Crystal Ship
  • Dream a Little Dream of Me

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