Friday, September 26, 2008

My Bloody Valentine: live in Toronto


I think the word to describe last night's My Bloody Valentine show at the Kool Haus is OVERWHELMING.

You know it's going to be a loud concert when they're handing out earplugs at the entrances.  And I am damn glad I had them.  It was definitely the loudest concert I've ever been to (blowing both Bob Mould and Ministry out of the water).

Opening act Flowers of Hell set the stage with their atmospheric instrumental performance.  They were joined near the end by Owen Pallett, aka Final Fantasy.

A surprise was the low key performance by Irish singer Gemma Hayes who came out to perform a handful of songs, including "Out Of Our Hands" which features Kevin Shields.  She plays The Supermarket in Toronto tonight.

MBV was up next.

Running through most of the classic album, Loveless, Kevin Shields and co. bombarded the audience with a dazzling sensory display.  The crushing waves of guitar feedback, thumping bass of the drums, and electronic whirr of the programming mixed with a staggering light show to mesmerize fans.

Despite the complete lack of interaction with the crowd, the band had the audience transfixed.  Favorites like "Only Shallow" and "Soon" were intoxicating for the audience.

Even though some audience members were running for cover, the vast majority were riveted by MBV's first Toronto performance in 16 or so years.  

From my perspective it was definitely worth the wait.



Anonymous said...

I totally totally totally agree. I've never seen, heard, or experienced a show like that before. Well worth the 17 year wait! Just saw Sigur Ros on Monday at Massey Hall - who know a thing or two about layers of guitar and feedback - but MBV was an animal of a different sort. What a sonic experience - my eyes and ears will be ringing for days. The fools who chose to opt out of the ear plugs are a sorry lot today (and perhaps for life!)

Anonymous said...

Overwhealing is definately the word.

I am grateful that I did not hesitate to put in the ear plugs. For the few seconds that I took them out just to see what it was like, it made me laugh at the people who didnt take them.

Not that I am complaining. It was an excellent show.

That being said, I am not sure my ear will be able to hold up to that punishment 16years from now.

Anonymous said...

I've only been into MBV for two years, and am 17, so the idea of many people waiting for this band to tour since I was born is astonishing. With that in mind, I'm extremely grateful that I got to see them, for it was hands down the most exciting and worthwhile concert I've ever seen.

leeharvey43 said...

I took the earplugs out for the holocaust section. They muffled the brunt and impact of it.

Great show, but quit patting yourself on the back for being chickens.

It's worth a little hearing damage for a band like this.

What got to me were the strobes. They should have been handing out sunglasses. I couldn't even look at the stage for 75% of the show.