Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lin McEwan: a striking bluesy voice

Lin McEwan is a Baltimore-born singer on the verge of releasing her second full length album.

Possessing an incredibly smoky and soulful voice, McEwan makes mature, bluesy rock music.  Her strikingly deep voice lends a classy sensuality to her songs.

The Baltimore Sun has described her sound as, " Mavis Staples or Tina Turner singing over Keane".  That's not a bad description for our American readers, but for those of us in Canada I can make it much easier: Amanda Marshall.

McEwan is a remarkable singer and her band are more than capable.  If I have one criticism of her debut album it would be that at times she has a tendency to go over the top with her powerful voice.  Judging from her recent teaser EP however, I would say that she has learned to rein it in well.

You can get a taste of Lin with her video for "Now I Know" here:

If you want even more I recommend the tracks "White Roses", "Over", "I Could Lie To You", and "You Didn't Love Me Back" from her self-titled debut.  

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