Friday, July 25, 2008

Album Review- Mrandmrsmays

Mrandmrsmays is the Austin, TX-based duo of James Mays and his real life wife, British ex-pat Kate Kind.

The band plays very raw and real rock. The pendulum can swing from short-explosive garage rock to spacey, trippy tracks in no time whatsoever.

Whether it's a Jon Spencer-esque clatter jam or a sultry PJ Harvey slow burner, there is a frenetic energy and tension within each song. The group pushes the limits, yet knows not to go beyond the breaking point.

Mays himself can swing from deep soulful vocals to Leonard Cohen hipster in a heartbeat. Kind on the other hand, pretty much plays the wailing banshee.

The lyrics tend to be chock full of references to spirituality and living straight. That's not my bag, but if you can get passed that, the energy of the songs should make a fan out of you.

The standout song is undoubtedly "Remedy" which is found immediately arresting. I was singing along by the second chorus.

All of this makes for an album that is varied and distinct. It's hard not to rock out to Mrandmrsmays.

Check out the video for "Remedy" here:

Track listing for Mrandmrsmays:

  • Milestone
  • B-05
  • Our Way
  • Willing To Be Willing
  • Whore
  • Introduction Hate To Love
  • Remedy
  • Freak On
  • Together
  • Lifeline
  • Scored
  • MaidMay

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